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Are We Colorado Divorce “Specialists?”

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2022 | Divorce Lawyer |

The rise of online working in the recent years has changed how law firms work. While a few years ago, only a minority of law firms offered lawyers online, the pandemic opened firms to the possibility of employing remote working lawyers, practising entirely as an online lawyer, or offering a variety of law firm hybrid working models.

Remote working lawyers can work from anywhere, often on a schedule that suits them. Whether you’re logging into your email in your local cafe, reviewing case notes at an airport, working remotely can ensure a great work-life balance.

It’s a deviation from the typical working model where firms expected their employees to come into the office five days a week, barring court appointments, medical appointments, and the like—and there are more online lawyers than ever before. While remote working is possible across a range of practice areas, it might be hard for some to make the transition.

Virtual law firm is exactly what it sounds like: a law practice that operates virtually. In a virtual law firm, there’s often no brick-and-mortar office that employees work from every day. Instead, lawyers can work from their homes or anywhere else, really.

In a virtual law firm, legal services are delivered to clients using modern telecommunications technology as opposed to through in-person face-to-face meetings. Nonetheless, virtual law firms are regulated in the same way as traditional law firms.

Being a virtual lawyer comes with its perks. Because lawyers are not tethered to a traditional office, lawyers can save time, lower overhead costs, and work more efficiently. At the same time, lawyers can travel between client offices, notaries, and court offices.

Virtual meetings can make your legal services more accessible. Not all clients want to or can meet in person. If you can conduct virtual meetings, your clients can benefit from the increased convenience. Clients with mobility issues or who may not physically be in town can still participate in meetings with you. Because virtual meetings are more convenient, they also encourage more frequent lawyer-client communication, which is key for better law firm client communication.

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YouLaw Colorado, LLC is an innovative, virtual law firm with many options to fit your family’s needs, from mediation, on-call consulting to full-time representation. We are upfront about costs and will guide you to the right option that fits your budget. We have access to conference rooms throughout Colorado enabling us to travel to see you for an initial or subsequent meetings. when needed to meet.

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