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Fixing A Broken System: Efficient, Affordable And Convenient Legal Services For Families In Colorado

You know your legal situation better than anyone else. My philosophy is to let you help solve it. I am attorney Zachary (Zac) Roeling and after 10 years of experience practicing law, I founded YouLaw Colorado, LLC, because our legal system is broken. This world is changing rapidly and the legal system has been slow to adapt. I believe that we can do better. My office is in Denver, and I help clients with divorce, family law and estate planning. I want to help you find legal answers and solutions that are in your and your family’s best interests, not feed the conflict for financial gain.

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Divorce, Family Law And Estate Planning Services For Clients In Denver And Beyond

Planning ahead to avoid conflict is an important value on which I founded my firm. My primary practice areas include divorce and family law. I also offer a wide range of estate planning services to help my clients think ahead to the future for themselves and their families.

Planning Ahead For Divorce

In addition to helping clients who are navigating divorce, I also help clients draft marital agreements, including prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. There is an assumption that these agreements are just for the wealthy. However, these types of documents can help everyone, who is getting married or already married preemptively and efficiently avoid conflicts down the road should marital challenges arise.

Estate Planning Services Designed To Protect Your Assets And Wealth For The Future

I am committed to offering a wide range of estate planning services as a way to help make estate planning tools accessible to anyone who wants them. I also work hard to customize a plan that is right for your needs and legal goals. Planning ahead for the future can ensure that your wishes are carried out in the event you become ill or incapacitated. Planning ahead also protects your family by making sure your assets and wealth are protected and distributed according to your wishes in the event of your death.

Taking A Collaborative Approach To Law And Advocating For Mediation

When it looks like divorce has become inevitable, I know and understand that the current legal system, by design, can create more conflict where there doesn’t always need to be. Typically, family courts require mediation in divorce proceedings. But even before couples even file for divorce, mediation can be a successful and efficient tool. Attempting mediation before filing for a divorce can be a strategy to anticipate potential conflicts before tensions have a chance to run high. It also allows couples to work through their solutions on their own timelines. Once a case has been filed, mediation is often one of the first orders of business. It gives the parties a chance to resolve as many issues as possible for themselves before the court gets involved.

Plan Your Next Steps: Call Today For A Consultation

I offer free consultations so that I can better understand your legal needs and goals. During our initial appointment, I can answer any questions that you have and better explain how I can help you. Call my office today at 720-669-0574 or send an email through the online form to schedule your appointment.