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After 10 years of experience as a lawyer, I founded YouLaw Colorado, LLC, in Denver to offer my clients innovative and creative legal solutions for estate planning and family law matters. I am attorney Zachary Roeling and I believe that comprehensive and customized estate plans should be available for everyone, not just the wealthy. You know what you want and need when it comes to protecting your assets for the future, I can help craft the legal documents necessary to make it happen.


The purpose of an estate plan is to evaluate your needs, wishes and wants in the event of an illness, injury or incident that leaves you unable to make choices for yourself, or in the event of your death. Planning ahead for these sorts of things can provide you and your family with peace of mind before any of those events are even a possibility. The estate planning tools that can help include:

  • Will: A will is a document that provides direction for how your assets, property, money and wealth should be distributed in the event of your death.
  • Trust: A trust is an estate planning tool that gives someone the power to control your assets and wealth. It is an efficient way to transfer your money and property to your loved ones but can have significant tax advantages and help your loved ones avoid steep inheritance taxes.
  • Power of attorney: In the event, you are not able to make your own decisions, a power of attorney allows someone else to make financial, property or medical decisions on your behalf. A power of attorney is specific and its terms can be customized to meet your specific needs and address any of your concerns.
  • Living will or advanced medical directive: A living will is an advanced medical directive that states your wishes in the event you are unable to make decisions regarding your own medical care.

By using various estate planning tools to customize solutions for your personal legal goals, I can help you craft exactly what you need to ensure that your wishes will be carried out and secure your assets for your family if something unexpected should happen.


I believe that you should only pay for the services you need. I offer a variety of services with different pricing options so that my clients aren’t paying for services they don’t need. I also customize all of my legal services to meet my clients’ legal goals.


I know that it can be difficult for my clients to even know what they need or want when it comes to an estate plan. Schedule an initial consultation appointment so I can answer any questions and help you better understand the different estate planning options and price points that are available. Call me today at (720) 815-4421 or send an email through my website to schedule your consultation today.

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