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A Collaborative and Non-Confrontational Approach to Family Law

There is no question that when people are contemplating a divorce, tensions can run high. I am attorney Zac Roeling and my purpose for founding YouLaw Colorado, LLC, was to offer legal solutions to clients navigating divorce that direct couples away from confrontation instead of into the middle of it. I offer innovative, forward-thinking collaborative alternatives to navigating divorce. If you are in the greater Denver metro area and need a collaborative family law attorney, I can help.

Preventative and Preemptive Arrangements: Prenup and Postnuptial Agreements

As an attorney who focuses on facilitating cooperation in marriage dissolution, one of the most effective tools to prevent unnecessary conflict is a prenuptial agreement. A prenup agreement spells out and defines specific terms in advance for a couple who is about to enter into marriage. The terms of this agreement can be unique to the couple and dictate what happens if the marriage were to end. This agreement does not have to happen prior to marriage. Couples who have already entered into marriage can still enter into a postnuptial agreement to accomplish the same results. Either of these agreements preemptively addresses conflict in a time and space where there is no conflict and therefore, provides guidance and direction if and when tensions escalate.

Mediation: Before and After Filing for Divorce

Divorce can be messy and complicated. Untangling assets, determining child custody and support, deciding on alimony or spousal maintenance and allocating marital debt can be a lot to sort through and figure out. Litigating a divorce all the way through to a trial is time-consuming and expensive. Mediation is an alternative form of dispute resolution that can help expedite the divorce process.

Mediation as Part of the Divorce Proceeding

Almost always, once a divorce is filed with the court, the judge will order that the parties attempt mediation. Mediation encourages couples to work together to resolve their issues and reach agreements on as many aspects as possible. By encouraging both parties to work together, they have a say in the outcome and the process naturally streamlines the issues for the court.

Mediation in Advance of Filing for Divorce

However, it can also be incredibly helpful and efficient to enter into the mediation process before the parties even file for divorce. Mediating in advance of filing allows the parties to work together on their own timeline. They can work through their issues together, find solutions and resolve any potential conflicts before the paperwork is even filed. This has been proven to eliminate stress, reduce costs and simplify the entire divorce.

Collaborative Law and Using Collaborative Lawyers for Divorce

While mediation encourages collaboration, lawyers handling a mediation stay neutral. Collaborative lawyers who oversee collaborative negotiations are advocates and do not intend to stay neutral. They are trained problem-solvers who excel at communication and negotiation and help parties determine custody, property and asset or debt distribution for their divorce settlement agreement. Each party still has a lawyer to represent their legal rights. However, typically, in a collaborative law scenario, if either party threatens litigation, the collaborative law process ends.

Fixing the Legal System by Offering Alternative Solutions for Family Law Matters

Rather than encouraging tension and conflict, YouLaw Colorado, LLC, was founded with the goal to provide new and different solutions for couples contemplating divorce. I encourage all of my clients to plan for the future in family law or estate planning services, no matter what sorts of legal services they need or are hiring me to complete.

I Am a Denver Family Law Attorney That Can Help

YouLaw Colorado, LLC is an innovative, virtual law firm with many options to fit your family’s needs, from mediation, on-call consulting to full-time representation. We are upfront about costs and will guide you to the right option that fits your budget. We have access to conference rooms throughout Colorado enabling us to travel to see you for an initial or subsequent meetings. when needed to meet. Contact my office at (720) 815-4421 to schedule your consultation today.

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