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As an attorney practicing law for the last ten years, I came to a realization that our legal system is broken. I am attorney Zac Roeling and I founded YouLaw Colorado, LLC, to offer an alternative approach to legal services for my clients in the Denver metropolitan area and throughout Colorado. For customized estate plans and alternative dispute resolution options for divorce, I can help.


At YouLaw Colorado, I want all of my clients to feel as though they are part of the solution to their legal challenges and they are getting exactly what they need by hiring my services as their attorney. Therefore, I offer a customized approach for retaining my services and a wide range of options that offer my clients choices that depend on how much they need from their attorney.


A single consultation appointment can lead to valuable insight and point you in a new direction that you might not have otherwise considered. A consultation appointment can also be utilized to get a second opinion. These appointments go beyond the scope of our initial appointments (that are offered for free). In a consultation appointment, I use my years of experience and dedicate my time to helping you better understand your legal situation and options, and provide you with an analysis based on my knowledge and understanding of the law.


In Colorado, legal services may be offered as “unbundled” services, which are also known as advisement options. Advisement options are great if:

  • You only need advice on a limited, piecemeal basis
  • You need suggestions or assistance drafting a document
  • You need assistance reviewing a settlement offer or proposal
  • You don’t want to spend a lot of money on an attorney

Clients who utilize advisement options get the advantage of having an attorney for a specific purpose without needing to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees. If you review the list of options and don’t know exactly what you need, or additional needs arise that are beyond the scope of the initial agreement, you can always amend or add to what you need.


When you are in over your head with a legal situation and you need a lawyer to step in, limited-scope representation is a good option. You can use a limited-scope representation agreement if:

  • You need to file or respond to a court motion
  • You need an experienced negotiator to hammer out the final details in a settlement draft
  • You need someone to support your legal interests during a mediation
  • You need an attorney to attend a court conference or hearing, or file specific documents on your behalf
  • You feel uncomfortable speaking for yourself in certain situations

This kind of work can be difficult for lawyers because it requires specific boundaries and everyone involved knowing and understanding those boundaries. I craft a special agreement so that we both know exactly what is included. I am available to you for a short time and can withdraw from your case as soon as the necessary task is completed.


I am selective with the clients I choose to represent on a full-time basis. When I represent a client on a full-time basis for a family law matter or divorce, I will guide you through your case from start to finish. I will file all of the necessary documentation for your case, and calendar any upcoming important events.


If you are unsure of what you want and need for your specific legal situation, I offer an initial consultation appointment for free to answer questions that you may have and tell you more about how I can help you with your case. To schedule your appointment, call (720) 815-4421 or send me an email through the online form.

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