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How Does Power of Attorney Work in Colorado Estate Planning?

A Colorado estate plan can provide key forms of legal protection for a testator who drafts documents, as well as their beneficiaries. Estate planning paperwork can designate beneficiaries to inherit someone’s property and guardians to take care of someone’s dependent children if they die prematurely. […]

Is Mediation Useful for Divorces with Children in Colorado?

No two divorce cases are absolutely identical. Every couple has a unique approach to the end of a marital relationship. They have their own dynamic to consider, as well as the family that they have established and the resources they have accumulated. Colorado spouses often […]

What Happens if a LGBT+ Person Dies without Children or a Will in Colorado?

Thousands of people in Colorado die every year without a will. It is a mistake that affects people of all ages and backgrounds. Most people simply assume they have time in the future for estate planning, and anyone can procrastinate for so long that they […]

Using Mediation to Resolve an Estate Heir Issue in Colorado

In the often emotionally charged aftermath of losing a loved one, disagreements among heirs over inheritance can escalate quickly, leading to prolonged conflicts that strain relationships and deplete resources. However, there’s a transformative tool that offers a pathway to resolution while preserving familial harmony: mediation. […]

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