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Is Mediation Useful for Divorces with Children in Colorado?

No two divorce cases are absolutely identical. Every couple has a unique approach to the end of a marital relationship. They have their own dynamic to consider, as well as the family that they have established and the resources they have accumulated.

Colorado spouses often aim to keep divorces as peaceful as possible. Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) option that can sometimes help divorcing couples reach their goal more efficiently. Those with children still living at home are among those who may find divorce mediation to be particularly beneficial. Why do those who share children often decide that mediation is the best solution for an upcoming divorce?

The Need to Talk Openly but Privately

Very personal considerations from during the marriage can have an impact on financial and custody issues. Someone may not want to openly in family court talk about their spouse’s drinking habits or short fuse, but they might very well believe that those factors should influence the division of parental rights and responsibilities. Colorado’s state statutes make mediation confidential in most cases, allowing people to feel confident about discussing private matters that should influence how they handle divorce issues.

The Desire for Reduced Conflict

Divorce proceedings are often very challenging for the children in a family because of the conflict between the parents. Children often feel trapped in the middle and suffer psychological consequences in high-conflict divorces. Parents who mediate their disagreements may be able to stay calmer during normal interactions with one another, such as custody exchanges. They can also eliminate the pressure the children feel to take a side or state their preferences regarding their living arrangements.

A Reduction of Total Expenses

Divorce is usually a costly process, but litigation can make it far more expensive to complete. Spouses who find solutions for disagreements in mediation can significantly curtail how much time they spend in court. That, in turn, can lower the total cost of the divorce process. When parents have more resources, they can more effectively maintain the standard of living their children have grown accustomed to despite now living in two separate households.

Attempting divorce mediation can be a smart choice for those preparing for divorce with children and their families. Learning about the benefits of divorce mediation could help people choose the best option for an upcoming Colorado divorce.

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